Friday, January 12, 2007

Bush Blows

Yes, get used to it: all of my posts from now on will talk about how something or someone blows. But really, the title sez it all with this one. What more can I say about Bush's speech Wed. night when he's just undergone one of the greatest cornholings from the media in recent memory? I know why Cheney requires that all T.V.'s be turned to Fox News when he stays in a hotel. Surely G-Dub must have a similar requirement. At this point, I don't even consider the FNC a part of the media anymore. They might as well rechristen themselves the WHC (White House Channel). Fox fuckhole Fred Barnes, for example, compared Bush to (brace yourself) Abraham Lincoln after the big speech. Wow...that's the kind of shit that eventually summons the men in white...and they bring a nice white jacket for you to wear, too. We shouldn't be at all surprised if Barnes claims that he or Bush is Jesus in the coming weeks. Anyway, here's my advice to Bush: kill yourself. That's the only way to end your travesty of an existence. Nobody loves you or respects you or believes that you can do any good in this world. You can only bring more suffering to it. The fact that you continue to draw breath is an affront to all that is good or decent about life. As Donald Trump said this morning, your decision to invade Iraq was the worst mistake in American History. So a bullet or a bunch of pills, but just get off our fucking planet.


Blogger Rick said...

OK, Tim hath throwneth the gauntlet-eth. Let's see if he can title all of his entries using the word "blows", AND, relating the title to the entry itself somehow.
Hmmm...He could talk about Monica L., Bill C., meteorology, nose-clearing. OK, it won't be that hard...

11:38 AM  

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