Sunday, October 11, 2009

So my 25 year high school homecoming was last night. This turned out to be more interesting that I thought it would be because there was this one guy (named tim, for example) who says he wants to feed his wife to his hogs (since he happens to be a framer (and also since he claims that the hogs will destroy everything except teeth)). I noticed that Tim's wife seemed to have a problem with this because she was talking to another classmate (name Sally, for example) where Sally's husband said that Tim's wife should should fear for her life. Tim and his wife have been married for at least twenty years. There was me, Tim, another guy (named Robert, for example) and another classmate (named Betsy, for example) where we were sitting around a nice fire. The rest of the classmates were coming and going in and out of the house while the four of us were sitting around the fire. Last night was the best time of year for a fire. I noticed that Tim did not seem to care about what his wife was doing so I went into the house to look for her. This was when I noticed that Tim's wife was talking about Tim's behavior. What I did not even comprehend about this was that Sally (and her husband (as well as, maybe, Tim's wife)) seemed to think that this was a serious situation. At the time, I guess I was still a little drunk, I was thinking that Tim and his wife have been married for 20 years so she has got to know how he is. I figured that Sally's husband was making a big deal about nothing. I was also very facinated by Sally's ass and, while passing by, I suggested that the three of them should come back out to the fire. In hindsight, wish I had thought of spanking Sally's ass (in front of her husband) and then walked back out to the fire. I think that Tim's wife (as well as Sally's ass) might have left soon after that. Later on, Robert left, and I left Tim and Betsy by the fire. I told someone else to go out there and tell Tim that I was very entertained by his conversation about the sexual uses for saddles, jumper cables, as well as tennis rackets and tennis balls. After that someone else communicated this to Tim, Tim quickly came back in the house to shake my hand- I suppose that Tim and Betsy did saddle up. It might be that my leaving them by themselves (with the nice fire) gave Tim a reason to get away from Betsy- but I guess I will find out later on.


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