Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bloggin' For Columbine

Well, we did try to have an "Educated Bowlers" blog for a while, too. In fact, it might still be floating around in the Blogger blogosophere. It makes you wonder how a blog really takes off since it seems difficult even to get all the good little gibblers and bowlers to blog. I mean...where the fuck is Tom Sasche on this blog? Like he has a life?!

So I've gotta take another "sleep study" on Friday to verify again that I have sleep apnea so that my MO insurance company will pony up for the new (probably useless) CPAP (Continous Pressure Something Something) device that "treats" sleep apnea (stopping breathing while you sleep). My old one didn't hardly work for shit so God knows why I'm going thru this crap again. But they say they have different kinds of masks or whatever to pump the oxygen down your nose, so maybe this time I'll find something that works. I want the device that just makes you stop breathing permanently--like, the Kevorkian model of the CPAP. Then you get to sleep forever and never have to take a stupid fucking sleep study again. The last one (in MN) was pure hell. Anyway, you gotta sleep in this room and they tape a bunch of wires and shit to your chest and it's a fucking miracle if you can ever get to sleep. Maybe I'll report on Monday how it went...


Blogger RickRain said...

Did the sleep apnea test at all resemble waterboarding? And if so, did you give up any vital information afterward?

2:23 PM  

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