Saturday, June 09, 2007


Can we get off this Paris Hilton bullshit already? If you made a list of some of the stupidest shit America could do to make us look like total jerkoffs in the eyes of the rest of the world...well, Bush already aced number one on that list by invading Iraq and then fucking up the aftermath. But I'm gonna put "Reporting 24/7 on whether or not Paris takes a dump in prison" as number two (pun....heh...not really intended, but welcome). The cable newz fucks aren't trying to lay claim to even the slightest shred of relevance or credibility anymore. I think on MSNBC there's a couple of anchors who are just a martini or two away from saying on live T.V., "Can you believe how fucking lame we are...reporting this shit? When I went to journalism school, they never had a course on 'How to Cover Worthless Rich Skanks For Hours At a Time.'" Seriously, come on one's really gonna miss America when you blow us all up...and just in case you ever get hauled before some war crimes court for your actions, just set your VCRs now and tape all this reporting on Paris Hilton. You'll have all the defense you need.


Blogger Rick said...

Yeah, and if this all gonna go down anyway, why can't it be a watchable, hot, bodacious chick? I mean, if we HAVE to look at someone...

6:19 AM  
Blogger huntress said...

Sorry I couldn't be available to be arrested this week - you know, being watchable, hot, bodacious and all! :)

8:44 AM  
Blogger Rick said...

But, the week's not really over yet. Come on! Insult a student of your's or something. And wear something scanty on your perp walk!

2:41 PM  

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