Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Entire Ho Family Part Two

To continue on with our story of the entire Ho family... First of all, I am happy to say that the Ho family was not killed by the people with drug problems. To celebrate this, I spent 40 thousand on my house to make it presentable to the entire Ho family. I created a new room in my basement for them to spend the rest of their happy Ho family lives. When the brothers and sisters from the hood get enough sense to invade the rest of rural america- the entire Ho family will find that my house is only safe place to live (even if they are chinese- not white). I will save my Obama political signs for when this day comes- so that my house will be passed. As for these other houses, me (and the entire Ho family) will steal all of the guns, kill babies, and maybe give them gay sex- because- they are stupid enough to think that urban america is good for nothing more than what was mentioned above (guns, killing, gay sex...).


Blogger dan said...

We, of the Entire Ho Family, would like to express our gratitude to the Entire Becker Family for offering us safe haven from the meth-lab-infested, machine gun firing, crime-filled neighborhood in which we currently live, here in the inner-city. Our neighbors, including the fine Irishman Barrack (pronounced Bear-ick)O'Bama, who formerly represented our state, would be proud of this deed. We hope we will not find gay sex happening in the newly remodeled basement of our new safe haven.

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