Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter and the Fine Finish

It's the end of Harry Potter as we know it, and I feel fine. Some non-spoiley thoughts after a viewing of the last movie:

- I liked how Harry called LV "Tom" near the end.

- LV's glee at one point wuz freakin' awesome. More could have been done with that character, but Ralph Fiennes tore up whut were given to him.

- Also awesome: John Hurt as the wandmaker dude.

- The three principal actors stepped up their game as young adults.

- Still, once again, I have to complain about another digital film that is too dimly lit...although the pervading gloom at least fits the storyline for DH1 and DH2. But c'mon...when ol' Voldy is gathering his troops for the siege of Hogwarts, can't a few of the soldiers be carrying torches?

- The plot resolution regarding the winds is a tad of those times when, since yer making up whatever rules you want with magic, you can throw in almost any old bullshit twist to wrap shit up.

Anyway, not sure why we all freaked out over these books and movies, but what the fuck...they passed some time. Thanx, JKR.


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