Saturday, April 13, 2013

Re: Wednesday Weather Coverage

Dear KMOV,

I'm sure this won't matter to you because I've written this letter to a station before, and I'm certain your response will be the same as theirs: something like, "It's more important to save lives with our weather coverage than to air our primetime schedule."

Well, I just want it on record that I politely disagree. To me, the primetime programming is the most important thing. Don't get me wrong--I often find the news programs important, too, and the weather report is probably the most important thing on the news.

However, I'm really not "married" to any local news program or weather report. And, unfortunately, the preempting of the entire primetime schedule on Wednesday night, April 10th, has caused me to make a decision: I will no longer watch Channel 4 news at any time of the day.

In an age when we have cell phones, computers, and radios that can warn us about bad weather--and crawls across the bottom of our TV screens--I find it unacceptable to preempt primetime programs, especially when new episodes are scheduled to air (as they were Wednesday).

FYI: I've also registered a complaint with CBS over this.


Tim Boehme
Hillsboro, MO


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