Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Romulator 5000

Haven't drawn up my own demo map, but I've heard a few times throughout this campaign that O has a mondo electoral college advantage and that Romulus would have to run the table in the battleground states to catch up.  'Course, momentum is a funny thing, and lately all we seem to hear is that MR has it...and that his complete chicanery at that first debate has somehow woken a sleeping giant called Undecided Dumbasses.  Perhaps they were tuned out to the election till the debate rolled around and didn't listen to any post-debate fact-checking...otherwise they'd know that MR vaulted way, way past John Kerry in the category of Biggest Fucking Flip-Flopper Ever to Aspire to be President.  If the media really wuz pro-O, they'd be beating Mittens to shittens with that FF rap just the way they helped the Republicans do back when JK wuz bangin' (he prepped BO for that first debate, no doubt, with the same vigor and conviction that he threw into his 2004 campaign).

But if Prez O loses, it won't be because of one bad debate perf.  It will be because he blew thru all his political capital to get the Affordable Care Act rammed thru at a time when his #1 priority should have been crafting and pushing and getting passed a stimulus that wuz much bigger and much more aimed at, y'know, stimulating economic growth and getting unemployment back to 5 or 6 percent. Instead, he trusted Timmy Geitner and other fuckholes who prolly told him that economies always come roaring back after recessions (just like Japan's never did!), so the stimulus were mostly a symbolic thing and could be left to the geniuses in congress to debate and create.  Fucking Paul Krugman told him in an open letter that the stimulus weren't nearly big enuff to get the job done, but the Mighty O gave him one of those smug dismissals that unfortunately seems to be the prerogative of all prezes...a prerogative which some people seem to find particularly galling when it's exercised by a half-black dude.   

Ah well.  At least the office of the presidency will be a complete joke again and provide our late night jesters with plenty of material if The Romulater 5000 assumes control of the Death Star that is this country.


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