Friday, February 23, 2007

Digging in the Dirt

So, "Dirt" is an interesting new show on F/X, about a tabloid newspaper and all the whack jobs that help produce it. None has more of an acid tongue than "Lucy Spiller," the editor, played by Courtney Cox-Arquette (I knew I had her pegged right as having a real dark side when I wrote that short story about how she kills all the other "Friends"). Anyway, last week they were digging thru some "shit-com" star's trash, and they put some shredded documents back together. One of them wuz a picture of the star standing next to a horse. Cue the Line of the Day from Lucy: "I can see why she shreds. The horse has a tighter ass."

Later in that same episode, a skeeze-fuck executive at the newspaper tells this young hottie reporter he's bangin' that there are only three lies. And the third lie wuz, "I promise not to come in your mouth." To which the hotty replies, "What if I want you to?" Boy, you just cannot get that kinda dialogue on "The Ghost Whisperer," can you? And, on a similar theme having nothing to do with the show "Dirt," we have this offering from a blogger who comments on John McCain's apparent stated preference for a certain brand of mouthwash:

"McCain likes Listerine? Why? Because it kills the taste of Bush, Rove and Cheney's jizz in his mouth?"

Sounds like my kinda blogger.


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