Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why TXB Is Not A Congressman

So I saw some Republican congresswoman on the floor of the House, saying why the whole non-binding resolution against the Divider/Decider's "surge" plan is a bad idea. And, y'know, there are rational ways to attack the NBR, like, "Get some balls and propose a binding resolution or shut the fuck up." I could have respected the congresswoman if she's said that. But the worst traditions of, as one MSNBC commentator put it, high school debate club (if the club were run by George Bush Jr.)...this lame actually started a sentence directed at the Democrats (never mind the fact that many of her Republican colleagues will vote for the NBR) with something like, "I think you should declare once and for all whose side you're on. Are you on our side, or..." I think I changed the channel at that point. Or maybe I flew into a rage and trashed my whole house and woke up hours later with all my knives sharpened and a brand spanking new AK-47 sitting on my kitchen table. Either way, one can guess what must have followed that "or": "...or with the terrorists." And first off, you just have to wonder who has the balls to say something like that anymore. And second, you wonder why someone who says this isn't shouted down by every rational person within earshot. Thirdly, you must wonder what I personally would have said to the congresswoman if I were a congressman. Well, wonder no longer. I would have said, "I'm going to kill you now. I'm going to choke you to death and throw your body in the gutter. Anything else you want to say before I do that?"


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