Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing (some of) My Religion


David Milch channels spiritual mumbo
jumbo for his now cancelled HBO series
"John from Cincinnati"

If I have any religion these days, it's as a proud partaker of the pop cult(ure). What, you have interesting shit to do on a Friday night involving a Tai hooker and blow and Ken Baremore? Fuck you--I've got new eps. of "Monk" and "Psyche"! But lately it seems that T.V.--the real opiate of the masses--has diminished the returns for all the time I'm putting in. I watched damn near a dozen shows this summer--including high quality shit on HBO--and not much of it were memorable. Even a whacky, out there, experimental-to-a-fault-show like "John from Cincinnati" by former "Deadwood" god David Milch didn't add up to much (if you're big on coherence, that is). I did like this exchange, though:

Ex-Cop: "My bird told me to come see you."

Ex-Drug Dealer: "If you're planning on me asking you what you mean, plan on dropping over dead before that happens."

Ex-Cop: "My bird, Zippy, conveyed to me, despite our obvious dissimilarities, we should become friends."

Ex-Drug Dealer: "He used the word 'dissimilarities'?"

Hilarious shit, at least to me, but is it worth watching a whole hour of so-so T.V. for one pearl of funny dialogue? Perhaps...if Ken ran off with your Tai hooker and yer all out of blow. Anyway...since my cable company wasn't offering any great new deals now that my previous two year kick-ass contract is up, I'm downsizing to a fifteen dollar cable package. Yes, you heard right: with Charter, you can get all the major networks and maybe three or four other decent channels and about fifteen other crappy channels for a mere fifteen and change a month. It's seventy or eighty channels less than I had before, but don't worry about ol' TXB: Fall Season will soon be upon us, and I have a feeling that the new "Bionic Woman" is gonna kick ten kinds of ass! (plus I still gots the USA Network, so I'll still have "Monk" and "Psyche" on Friday nights).


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