Monday, February 25, 2008

"Words and clips and phrases"

First, the student essay oddities:

"She refused to take an I.V. She was an old fashioned lady."

"Just by how many great things there are about the bed, I feel that, if it were to have a taste, its taste would be like a refreshing Coke or Pepsi."

As for Line of the Day contenders, we have these two entries from a British men's magazine (I guess they call'em "laddie mags" there, cuz they're British)...and, by the way, the cats who write for those kinda magazines may just be the funniest damn SOBs on the planet. Anyhoo, this mag called Front ranked the top 50 fittest babes. In addition to mentioning "The Girl From Hansen" somewhere on the list, we have these two hi-larious entries:

#8--Sasha Grey: "A self-proclaimed 'existential porn star,' Sasha combines a lot of things we love--mild pretentiousness, glacial beauty, and a tendency to take it up the wrong'n on camera."

#18--Scarlett Johansen: "Ever since that hypnotic close-up of her arse in the opening credits of Lost in Translation, we've had a thing for Scarlett--that 'thing' being an angry boner with 'Kiss me LOL' written on it."

Finally, filling out the day's naught quote quota, we have this observation from middle aged hard boiled musician Nick Cave:

"There's only a certain amount of songs you can write about pussy, murder, and God. I still have a few left in me."


Blogger Rick said...

O mi god! Tres funny quotes. Those Brits are so funny, why did we ever leave the King and do the whole Revolution thing?

7:09 PM  

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