Thursday, February 14, 2008


If anyone has any affection or regard for McCain anymore or thinks he would be a good leader, then you might want to know that he just stuck his last shred of credibility into the shredder. He's all about the torture now. Hey, maybe he's had some time to think it over and has decided that he likes it after all. Maybe he wants the gooks to spank him or jab hot pokers up his ass. Wouldn't be the first deranged white Elephant to get his kinks the hard way.

If that's not selling your soul, then we have no souls to sell. Maybe it's just being a sell out motherfucker. Not an uncommon thing in America, of course, but when you also sell yer fellow soldiers down the river by pretty much guaranteeing that they'll be tortured now when they're captured...well, Jesus Christ, Senator: who the fuck are you?


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