Monday, March 03, 2008

"There Will Be Boehme"

Finally saw "There Will Be Blood" this past weekend. A well made film, no doubt, but as with many historical films which seem to suggest that we made it through the 20th century on pure spit and cruelty...I wonder why I'm watching. But, then again, someone might ask why I'm enthralled by the savagery on display in "No Country For Old Men." I guess my response would be that the violence in the latter film causes us (and protagonist Sheriff Bell) to try and understand the world philosophically. I might be missing something, but I think that "Blood" suggests something most of us prolly already knew: the engine of capitalism is driven by blind greed and competition, and there is very little regard for humanity in it. I don't think that there always has to be a likable character in a film for me to enjoy it, but having at least one main character who retains some tether to humanity does help. As for Daniel Plainview and preacher Eli Sunday...well, to borrow a quote from DP, when I look at these two gents, "I see nothing worth liking."

Speaking of which...please die, Hillary. Get off the fucking stage. It's so obvious now that, even if you pulled a fucking rabbit out of Bill's ass and somehow won this thing, that a serious chunk of the Dems would hate your guts and sit out another election cycle (or maybe a few of them) because you killed their dreams. Yes, I know...YOUR dream would have to die in order to fulfill theirs, and you may honestly be right in saying that you'd be the better prez. But you'd also drag us all thru the hell of years and years more of partisan rancor, and it's hard to imagine any great socio-political innovations that could occur in such an environment. Let's face it: the only way you'd ever get some Republicans to like you is to dress like a man (er...even more like one) and have sex with them in a men's room somewhere (yes, you would have to supply the dildo). For me, it just comes down to one thing: you fucked us on the war, and you never even apologized for the thousands dead and the billions blown because of both your cowardice and your political ambitions. For that reason alone, you don't even deserve to stand on the same stage as a prophet who foresaw and spoke of all horrors we would face if we invaded Iraq (so, along with Obama, if you ever see me on a stage, you better fucking step off it).


Blogger Rick said...

Inner-esting bits about the movies. Good point about Blood. And you've piqued me into seeing No Country. Gots to do it.

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