Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Alternate Headline: Brush Thinks He's Still President

And now, it's time for another entry in the "Is This Guy For-Fucking-Real?" files. I am completely ready to see the fake headline below become a real headline before Brush leaves office. There is no doubt in my mind that it could happen. Reality and facts mean absolutely shit fuck all to this administration. The fake headline links, tho', to an article that's equally absurd in detailing how Brush thinks the doormat Democrats are the cause of all our woes...sub-prime mortgage, gas crisis, everything. If you mean that they kowtowed to your every wish, assfuck, then yes: they shoulder a lot of blame. But just keep telling your deluded old Jesus-cursed brain that it's not at all the toilet called Iraq that has had multi-billions of dollars--every cent of which we borrowed--flushed down it. I mean, there can't be any possible correlation between high gas prices and a destabilized Middle East, right? The only shred of honest blame Brush could foist on Dems would run something like, "You fucking knew I wuz crazier than a shit-house rat! Why'd ya let me do all this stuff?!"

Brush Blames Dems For Illegal and Unnecessary Invasion of Iraq


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