Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Get that f&*#ing Prof. No. 3!"

Did y'all read about the brewing scandal just south of St. Louis? Seems a college administrator wants to pursue a Pay to Prof scheme against one Timmy Boehme. The Missouri Attorney General obtained a wiretap on the admin's phone, and here is an exerpt:

Admin: Enough about your effin' Rams. And stifle on some supposedly "coming soon" Tarantino movie. Are you gonna give me the money?

Boehme: Oh, man, and their pass defense just really--

Admin: Enough! This teaching position is f*#@ing valuable. Think about it: Hot Blondes Learning Chaucer 101. I mean, the title speaks for itself. And it's all yours if you just pay up.

Boehme: By "blondes," do you mean the generally accepted designation, of females particularly? Because, you know, there ARE blonde-haired men.

Admin: Of course--

Boehme: I mean, you know...

Admin: Yes, I know.

Boehme: DO you? Because I can't have the front row be filled with surfer dudes who misunderstood the course title.

Admin: Yes, yes. I do mean women. Now, about the money...

And it goes on from there. More to come, no doubt. Perhaps you all have some excerpts you've uncovered.


Blogger TXB said...

It IS a fucking valuable thing to have hot blonde chicks in my classes. Or, y' chicks of any hair color (one had pink hair this past semester).

7:22 PM  
Blogger dan said...

As long as the chick doesn't sport a mullet, a butch haircut or have a Blagojevich hair-do, she can be in my class.

Sergio, hairstylist to the stars.

11:16 PM  

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