Monday, February 08, 2010

pas2iche ranks 'em, too

top 5 films of 2010:
1) inglourious basterds -- i'm all about some nazi killin and revisionist history.
2) the hurt locker -- coulda been #1 if they'd given me more guy pearce. and ralph fiennes. and a money shot.
3) food, inc. -- best doc of the year, not only because it exposes the big farms as the devils they are but also because it has some really sweet graphics.
4) avatar -- we've never seen cinematic spectacle like this before, but, again, i wanted a (blue) money shot.
5) anvil: the story of anvil -- these guys rock out, no doubt, but they're really good at giving hugs, too.

bottom 5 films of 2010:
1) observe and report -- just to spite txb, more than anything. oh, and the movie just plain blows.
2) angels and demons -- not even tom hanks's hair can save this one.
3) district 9 -- great work, blomkamp! now the whole world knows exactly what a racist movie looks like.
4) g.i. joe -- amazingly, i actually wanted /less/ than the 90 seconds of dialogue.
5) the taking of pelham 123 -- travolta is so bad, he's, well, bad. denzel's glasses were neat, though.


Blogger Rick said...

Welcome to the blog! I think since Facebook came along, we tend to post articles, links, opinions, to each other's FB pages. Alas. But this is a cool little corner of our world.


5:47 AM  
Blogger pas2iche said...

thanks for letting me join the team. i probably won't post very often, but you have my word that every time i do post, it'll at least be mediocre. :)

8:22 AM  
Blogger TXB said...

I'm surprised that "A Serious Man" didn't make yer bottom list. Didja see that it got an Oscar nod for best flick? Hee!

10:42 AM  

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