Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tornado at Walmart

So I was working this past sat. (at the place that TXB calls my heaven on earth) when the "tornado" came. I would like to imagine that my boss said, "OK, code black, right now, try to get everybody to the opposite side of the store. Whatever you do, do not scare customers." I figured that customers can go to hell- and I ought to see what is up on that "opposite side of the store". The opposite side of the store includes a huge cinder block wall hallway which is next to both of the huge metal deep freeze coolers- just the kind of place that might be "heaven on earth" during a tornado due to the heavy construction within. I quickly understood why the boss said that we should go there. In about five minutes, someone determined the the storm (possibly containing tornado) was supposedly directly above us. At which time, I mentioned the huge stuctures of the store surrounding us. And also at which the exact same time, a group of customers standing next to me said that they were from "south africa" and they "have never seen something like this." The south african woman looked good. I wondered if she had ever seen something like me- and I wondered what I might do to her if the frightening-howl-of-it-all might grace us. Instead of any of that, I told her that they see things of radar- and it was more than likely NOTHING. And then we went back to work- and I was glad that we did not need to re-zone.


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