Monday, April 25, 2011

Mr. Monk Is Going To Kill Me

Monk is one of those shows that I watch somewhat resignedly. Not a great show by any stretch, yet it's weirdly compelling. And it's over now, so that means just watching it in syndication. I wuz just thinking the other day how no one makes any good cheezy syndicated shows like Xena or Hercules anymore--cuz everyone's watching repeats of Monk or CSI, I guess. Anyway, this is all a setup to talk about my idea for a Monk show--or at least its title. Here, first, is a sampling of past titles of Monk eps.:

Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame

Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus

Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man

Mr. Monk Goes to the Theater

Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect

Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy

Mr. Monk and the 12th Man

Mr. Monk and the Paperboy

And now we come to my idea. BTW, I'm ripping off my own idea for a James Bond film here, but the title of a TXB-penned episode of Monk would be called "Mr. Monk Gets Buttfucked By Hillbillies Just Like Ned Beatty Did, And He Gets Revenge By Cutting Off Their Heads and Then Murdering All of Their Kin Folk."


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