Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 movie rewind

top 10 11 must-see movies

11) somewhere... sofia coppola... yeah, i hated the damn thing, but it was easily the film of 2010 that made me think the most.  and roger ebert (who aint a moron) gave it a perfect score.  to reiterate, though: i hated the movie.

10) true grit... coen brothers... despite the facts that it let me down and that the child actor was entirely overrated, bridges and brolin were worth every penny.  still, with two slight-misses in a row, one wonders if the coens are in their figurative death throes.

9) 127 hours... danny boyle... big fan of danny boyle and the far-out places he takes us.  i'm also developing a fairly embarrassing crush on james franco.

8) scott pilgrim... edgar wright... wicked fun to watch in the theater, and it was a good translation of the books.  if it had held up better after a second viewing, i'd have ranked it higher.  but it didn't.

7) get low... aaron schneider... i simply adored this film.  bobby duval is a god, billy murray is prince, and sissy spacek is the aunt i always wanted.  i just want her to make me a pie and then tell me everything's alright.  bonus points for a lucas black sighting.  he may never be as good as he was in slingblade, but i'll always have a soft spot for him.  the craziest part: this was schneider's first feature-length film.  can't wait to see who signs up for his next film.  perhaps a love affair between dame judy and daniel day?

6) social network... david fincher... i didn't expect anything at all with this film, really, but man did it blow me away.  it's hard to believe the leap jesse eisenberg took from zombieland to network, from barely amusing twat to mature ac-tor.  timberlake still sucks, though.

5) inception... christopher nolan... like coppola, nolan is a master of pushing his audience into uncomfortable places, and inception is perhaps his most disconcerting film so far.  still, i just can't ever truly take leo seriously.

4) mother... bong joon-ho... uh, yeah, "defies description" comes to mind.  this aint no mama i'd ever fuck wit'.  must see to understand.

3) blue valentine... derek cianfrance... gosling's crazy gifted, and williams is a friggin force of nature.  together, they play shipwrecked couple just as well as they do love-at-first-sighters.  beneath the surface, this movie shows us what it means to be truly miserable, and it does this without feeling pretentious or overworked.  and the narrative structure is something that's really quite ingenious (you'll need to see it to understand).  just a damn fine movie.   

2) the white ribbon... michael haneke... one could argue that haneke is the best filmmaker of the last twenty years, and white ribbon doesn't hurt his case.  it may also be his most difficult film, which is saying a lot.  filmed in gorgeously haunting black and white, white ribbon strips away color like it does the bullshit.  and if you've ever seen a cast of child actors better than these, i wanna know about it.  timberlake can't hold a candle to even the youngest of these kids.  i mean, seriously, they scared the shit out of me.  

1) black swan... darren aronofsky... love his movies or hate them, they're always different.  with black swan, aronofsky has finally realized his full brilliance.  loved the revision, loved the cinematography, loved the two freaking hours of tension.  this movie just won't let go of your throat, man.  and what an ending.  it's the kind of movie that stays with you for days.  for days, i say!

1 movie you must never, ever see
1) sex and the city 2... michael patrick king... seriously, this is the worst piece of shit i've ever seen.  sure, there are some bad movies out there, but this one sinks to the bottom because of its offensive, self-interested conceits.  and drivel isn't kind enough for this "writing". it's by far the shittiest script i've ever been privy to.  summary: the whole damn thing is shit.  shame on them.


Blogger TXB said...

Thanx, Clark. Got three new flicks for my Blockbuster queue. "Blue Valentine" should prolly be on my list too, but I don't have the courage to kick Bobby Duvall off. As you taught me, old people don't give a fuck. He'll cut me.

11:07 AM  
Blogger TXB said...

Wait...what?! I just reread yer thoughts on "Somewhere." So even the movies you hate are "must see"? I hope to dear God that you didn't see any of those Madea movies!

11:10 AM  
Blogger TXB said...

I am going to see "Sex and the City 2" some day just cuz you said I shouldn't!

5:45 PM  

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