Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rappin' With Mr. Cogito!

Cogito: The other day I saw some of those lovely, penis-shaped...

TXB: Oh, I love lovely penises. Lovely penises is good.

Cogito: ...mushrooms. They were penis-shaped mushrooms.

TXB: Of course, I love lovely penises best when they're being inserted into lovely vaginas.

Cogito: They have a brain-shape at the end.

TXB: Wait...they look like penises and like brains?

Cogito: Well, yes, the tip...the head of the penis-shaped mushroom looks like a brain.

TXB: Ha, those mushrooms...always thinking with their dicks, eh Mr. Cogito?

Cogito: Hurm. Well.

TXB: Is "poblano" a type of mushroom?

Cogito: No.


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