Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Defending Donald

No, not Donald Trump. I wouldn't defend that a-hole if he was on fire and I had to take a piss and someone axed me, "Do you defend Donald Trump for what he said about Rosie?" I would simply reply, "Hey, I gotta go find me a restroom. Fuck Trump!" Gotta give the man props, though, for going on record with the notion that Brush is the worst president ever. Maybe it's like saying the sky is blue and water's wet at this point, but I still give him props.

But no, we are here to talk about that other Don of controversy: Donald Imus. He referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team last Wed. on his show as "nappy-headed hos." And really, it's those two words, "nappy-headed," that set off a firestorm of controversy. Now, even the I-man's defenders lead off with the phrase "I'm not here to defend the [fill in adjective such as despicable, awful, horrible, etc., here] comments of Don Imus. As for his detractors--most notably Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson--there will apparently only be satisfaction if Imus is fired from his "shock jock" job.

And once again it's hilarious that these asshole news anchors use a phrase like "shock jock," but they never get around to pointing out how ironic it is that we are shocked that a shock jock said something shocking. Well, as a two year watcher of "Imus in the Morning," allow me to be the first person to go on record saying that I'm NOT shocked by what Imus said given the many outrageous statements made on his show--which, by the way, is sometimes funnier than anything on T.V. since the radio show is simulcast on MSNBC. You wanna hear something truly outrageous? Imus actually likes tools such as Joe Lieberman, and he occasionally allows Shameless Joe to carry Brush's water over the airwaves even tho' the I-man hates the war and thought it wuz a mistake from the start. That's the sort of thing that makes me wonder about old Donny boy (he does question Lieberman's stand on the war, tho'). I mean, after all: Lieberman's words get people killed. Imus' words just hurt their feelings.

Maybe I need to have someone explain to me that "nappy-headed" is apparently one of the worst phrases uttered in human history. Folks on "Imus in the Morning" refer to the I-man with words and phrases such as senile, impotent, broke-dick, leatherface, jizz-face, wrinkled old bastard, etc., and his gang routinely (and jokingly, of course) expresses the fond hope that Imus will die soon. And the show makes fun of people of all ethnic groups--including honkies--and sexual orientation while Imus sometimes performs vindictive character assassinations on those who he feels done him wrong (Larry King and Congressman Joe Barton, to name a couple). But somehow, after all this, it's the words "nappy-headed" which stirs the bankrupt American culture's bottomless outrage. This is like George Allen's "Macaca" word, which also outraged people even though they weren't really sure what it meant and prolly couldn't even define it (most faulted Allen more, though, for trying to weasel out of the notion that the word had any racial overtones three or four different times BEFORE he apologized).

Frankly, the one and only time in my life that I've heard the phrase "nappy head" was from Michelle Tapp. And I don't even remember why she said it, but I'm fairly certain that it wasn't used to refer to a black person. She may have even been commenting on MY hair. At any rate, Imus is just all right with me, and I'm sure he has done more for the world through his charity work than I ever will--and after his two week suspension from the airwaves, my heart is warmed by the notion that his ratings will prolly be higher than ever. Shocking!


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