Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Note to Jesse Jackson: Blow Me

As usual, Bill Maher hath offered the sanest comments on the controversy of the day. When he appeared on "Imus in the Morning" yesterday, he posed this question: why is it that we have this need for people to "go away" just because they say something stupid?

I hope I've been pretty consistent on this in recent years. Perhaps I'm too forgiving, but since Mel Gibson apologized, I had not even the slightest moral qualms about seeing "Apocalypto." Since Michael Richards has apologized, I'll watch him again if he ever gets another show. Hell, even with all the crazy, just totally fucked out bullshit that hath been uttered by jerkoffs like O'Reilly and Hannity--stuff that prolly gets people killed b/c they are part of the propaganda effort which keeps us in Iraq--I don't think I've ever said that they should be fired, and I even watch them for a few minutes here and there.

I guess, ultimately, we don't really believe in free speech. And a lot of Christians in this supposedly predominately Christian nation don't believe in forgiveness in some instances (HELLO, fucking REVEREND Al Sharpton and fucking REVEREND Jesse Jackson). Well, see, maybe we could forgive Imus if he'd just said a bad thing once. Or twice. But this is a real pattern of insensitive remarks!

Total it up, assholes. If we haven't gotten to "seventy times seven" yet, then your Lord commands you to keep forgiving. Also, nice going Jesse Jackson: bashing MSNBC for not having any African American hosts for their shows. Except they do have one: Allison Stewart, host of the "The Most," which is an excellent show. Mr. Jackson demeans Stewart's hard work and intelligence by failing to even acknowledge her show...maybe because her hair is too nappy for him. Or maybe it doesn't really count unless it's an African American MALE host.


Blogger TXB said...

By the way, if Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton want to toss their collars aside and renounce Christ, then I'd say they should feel free to be as vindictive as they wanna be. I myself am not a Christian, so I WILL keep blog-flogging assholes that deserve it without mercy (though I prolly won't call for anyone but Brush to be fired).

12:41 PM  
Blogger Carroll Gardens said...

You should get ordained online by the Universal Life Church ( to add some legitimacy to your comments.

--Reverend Butler

11:03 PM  

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