Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Obviously, my response to Tim's previous post is something along the lines of the fact that america has a very long and proud history of killing people- and president dub is just the kind of guy to appreciate our history of stupidity. And about racism, america has always been the best nation for that as well. In fact, if america was full of nothing more than people who looked exactly the same- but lets say, for example, that some people are a few inches shorter than the majority- then it would be all about how short people have no reason to live. Imus was the unfortunate victim of america's belief that we can somehow reverse our tradition of racism. We do change our racist habits- but in america's case these changes can take hundreds of years to take effect. Let us consider the black man and his american history... Two hundred years ago, the black man was a victim due to our culture of buying slaves rather than actually hiring employees. One hundred years ago, we notice that maybe the brothers need to get a break. Today, the black man is a symbol of male power and respect. Imus should not have been a victim. We, as a nation, can recognize that if old guys like Imus use phases which may or may not be racist- WHO CARES IF HE IS RACIST OR NOT. If he really is racist, then Imus and his culture will be dead soon. If he is racist or not, either way, it proves nothing to fire him.
But above all else- KILL PEOPLE!


Blogger TXB said...

Of course, there is the problem of racist ghosts...wearing their ghostly KKK bedsheets and slamming doors. Damn them!!!

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Blogger TXB said...

Also, if you are wont to gather around the electronic campfire when there is a national spectacle like the V-Tech slaughters, but you don't want to hear from the same media scumfucks who had the very same zeal and phony mourning faces for the Anna Nicole Smith circus...then by goddamn Jesus Christ, it sure would be nice to have Imus on the airwaves right about now! There's a man whose gaunt, beat down face and form could alone tell you the one and only meaning of the killings: that life is meaningless.

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