Monday, May 07, 2007

Oh Spidey, My Spidey

So "Spider-Man" three spanked ass this past weekend with the highest opening ever, and TXB wuz one of the faithful forking over his duckets on Friday. Perhaps the film is not as good as "Spider-Man 2," as some have said, but it's close enough for government work. Of course, the chats 'o wisdom between Peter Parker and old bag Aunt May have gotten tiresome, but those scenes are there so you can go take a whiz or make a Bigass Tub of Popcorn refill run. As for the smackdowns with Spidey and his new foes...well, what else is there to say but "totally friggin' awesome"? The only mistep in the film is Peter Parker going to the dark side and becoming a hipster dufus. Yes, that's right: a hipster dufus. A fucking dancing hipster dufus! There's actually a scene that looks like something out of "All That Jazz" or "West Side Story"! I guess this is setting up "Spider-Man 4," in which we learn that Peter is actually gay. Also, does the "dark side" mean that you wear eyeliner and don't comb your hair and generally look like the lead singer of "Blink 182"?

All in all, tho' a kickass conclusion to perhaps the best action trilogy of all time (what's up, "Lord of the Rings"?).


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