Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Brush Legacy

"Y'all are exactly one cunt hair away
from getting me so riled up that I'm
gonna bomb Iran just for spite!"
So Fredo has been whacked. And once again we get indignant Brush: "He wuz a good man, crushed by evildoery Democrats who jest hate wetbacks" or somesuch bullshit. This is the same fuckface who put on his Befuddled Brush mask a couple of weeks before, saying, "What, fire 'Berto? Why whud I wanna fire 'Berto? Everyone in the world sez he is doing a heckuva job for a gay Mexican A.G., and no one's ever said one bad thing about him!" Right,'s all us, the political hatchet men looking to take down decent, honorable, not-at-all-toolish public servants. It's just so pathetically funny to me how Brush thinks he's doing his cronies a favor by keeping them on the job even though they've curdled and exploded in the refrigerator of politics after staying months or years past their expiration dates. It may very well be that, in the end, these assholes have to finally insist that Brush accept their resignations--not at all to help him save face, but because they realize at long last that they have been stapled and duct taped to a rotting corpse for the last three years. So when, one wonders, will Brush get over his fake indignation and realize what a shithell he iz and how his fuckupedness is soiling the Brush name like so much underwear worn by people who have been tortured on his watch? Perhaps it's a bit much to axe for Brush to resign just so Daddy won't sob himself to sleep anymore, or so his dumbass daughters won't have to be so embarrassed all the time. But some fools out there think Jeb Brush might be a decent politician again some day if the walking dicksore that is his brother could just go off and crawl under a porch somewhere and die. Or, y'know, play golf like a fuckhead forever. Brush really is just one of those rich assholes who should only ever play golf, so that the worst he can do is shank balls that hit rich old fucks in the head and knock them in a coma. The world could do with a few less rich old fucks, so Brush would finally be doing some good. But perhaps it's best this way...that Brush goes on to taint the Brush name so completely that no one named Brush will ever again be considered for any important job in America. And the whole useless Brush clan can move to Saudi Arabia and just play golf.


Blogger dan said...

Y'all are exactly one cunt hair, that's a scottish geddy line if i ever heard one.
See next blog.

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