Monday, November 05, 2007


The downward spiral has began. Perhaps it began a long time ago. Perhaps we've just been spiraling down at a faster pace the past few years. Either way, we're going to hell. It's just a question of when we get there. So, perhaps I've said this before, but I'll make a final pronouncement and try not to say it again: voting in the next election is probably pointless. Oh, I know: the main Republican candidates sound like psychos. Surely we don't want ANOTHER psycho in the oval office, right? Funny thing, though...and I only just recently realized this: we're most likely gonna have a psycho anyway. You think Hillary ain't a psycho? You think Barack Obama's not a psycho? They're sellouts and psychos and fuckups and goddamn cowards of the worst kind, so it's hard to see how Rudy or Romney would be too much worse. Perhaps...and I say only PERHAPS...a democratic president would not rush to bomb Iran as quickly as a republican. But I have no doubt now that all the major democratic candidates WOULD do it. Well, maybe not John Edwards. If you want to daydream some reason to have hope...maybe John Edwards is the reason. But it's hard to support a guy now and really believe in him when he was a sellout and a psycho and a fuckup and a goddamn coward in the last election. At any rate, I now know too that the democrats don't stop the war because they don't mind it going on so much. They don't try to limit Bush's power because they want the power for themselves. For the contemporary democrats are merely a party of unfulfilled promises and utter gutlessness that is every bit as reprehensible as the pure bullshit and evil cooked up by the Fucked Old Party. Yeah, I said "every bit as reprehensible." I will no longer make distinctions between the psychos and those who do virtually nothing to stop the psychos. The do-nothings are psychos, too. If some psycho's got a gun and he's killing people, and you've got a gun and you don't blow that fucker's shit away...well, then, those who died are on your head, too. All the dead Iraqis and American soldiers and are just as much on the heads of the democrats as on the heads of the republicans because neither party stood up to the Psycho in Chief and blew his shit out of office with the most deserved impeachment ever in American politics. Only a a few politicians--say their names aloud with a little reverence, if you will...Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Russ Feingold--have had any courage to vote and speak out with principle. Virtually every other politician in congress is a sellout and a useless waste of flesh and bone, and they do not care for shit about this country and they will stand by as we go to hell. So hang on. It's gonna happen.


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