Monday, February 04, 2008

Four More Years

You know, it's can you fault the Republican base when they mostly just had a pack of assholes to choose from? Well, how about this: they had Ron Paul, too. Yes, Republican voters could have picked the one sane man in their party running for prez. Or, I dunno...maybe the RP conspiracy theorists are right, and the mainstream media made sure that Paul never got very far. But...McCain? Wow, didn't see that coming. I wuz sure that, about six or eight months ago, McCain's dementia had progressed to the point where he actually believed he could be the Republican nominee. I guess, all things considered, if I had to pick just one asshole to be the guy, it would have been Right Said Fred Thompson. Problem is, he's said things that are just as psychotic as McCain has. Well, I guess they all have. At least Giuliani is fucking gone. Part of McCain's psychosis is purely age or war-related, no doubt, but Giuliani was just plain mean-bastard-kinda crazy. Still, I can't help noticing that with McCain we would have the Second-Most-Likely-To-Be-Just-Like Brush fuckhead in office. Just swap dumbass for crazy, mix in maybe just a modicum more of intelligence with equal parts beligerence and stubornness, and factor in prolly an even greater willingness to sell out your values to be Prez...and you've just transformed Brush into McLame. If we elect this douche bag president--when we say we want the war over NOW and he sez it may take a hundred years or more--then we are truly the stupidest fucking country that ever organized itself...and all those songs about how great America is should be retired on President McCain's inauguration day.


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