Sunday, February 03, 2008

O is Oh So Clo

So, folks, who's camp you all in? For what it's worth, Obama is now mo o less tied with Hillary in California. As of, well, like, this morning, she was up by 7.

And, as for the MO story.
In Missouri, Obama has solid leads in the St. Louis region (16 points), with Independents (7 points), young voters (16 points), and African Americans (62%-26%). He also leads among moderates and men. Clinton leads in Kansas City (7 points), in the Southwest (16 points), and among liberals (8 points), women (5 points), and among voters over 65 (25 points).

(It's Sir Edmund Hillary. OK? I'm running out of Hillary's. ... Oops, didn't Tim say they oughta be more attractive than Clinton? What's that you say? He wasn't all that bad looking? Yeah, your're right.)


Blogger TXB said...

I think the local Fox news channel is following the orders of Fox Corporate. They had a tease for the news last night which seemed to favor Hill (something about how Hill is working harder for yer MO vote than Obama). I've met some peeps around these parts that think we're not ready to elect a black man, but I can tell you this: there's no way the Republican base will come out against O like they will against HC. Let's face it: the racist hillbillies may be a factor, but they would never vote for Hill, neither.

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