Tuesday, April 01, 2008

McCain: Can Someone Explain This Fuck to Me?

John McCain. How in the world did this douche bag rise to the top? Funny...people booed the shit out of Brush at a baseball game. Boo...boooo!!! Now let's vote for an asshole that thinks just like the asshole we just booed when it comes to the Middle East! Truly...the American public is a bunch of dumb motherfuckers without hope of redemption if we put John McCain in the White House. I mean....shit: does it really just come down to the fact that people know who the guy is, that he stayed in the Hanoi Hilton...and that they know absolutely nothing about the batshit crazy things he's said about Iraq? Apparently, the polls say that people think McCain is a better man than Hill or Obama when it comes to dealing with the colossal goatfuck that Brush got us into. Polls also say that the American peeps want us out of Iraq. Is it just me, or are the pollsters injecting the pollees with a different drug each time they give a new poll? How in fuck's sake can you be for a speedy withdrawal from Iraq...and for the candidate who says that we might have to stay in Iraq for a 100 years? I give up. I really fucking do. This country apparently just wants to die. We'll scrawl our suicide note on a ballot when we vote for Grandpa Munster and hum "Bomb, bomb, bomb...bomb bomb Iran" as the mushroom clouds rain down on us sixth months later.


Blogger Rick said...

I dunno. (And by the by, I'm furiously trying to finish a copyediting project--a collection of scholarly essays on Peter Pan--so I'm even moreso off the Gibblers deal than usual. But I shall return. And we oughta try to expand the audience/participants...hmmm...)
I dunno 'bout Mac and Bush and Iraq, etc. I think, like you, that it's strange if folks want out of Iraq, why many would be hip to Mac. A lot of folks are still not totally tuned into the race, so having McCain the Rep. guy, solo, just to the casual observer, makes him authoritative. And I think it'll also happen to O. (or Hil--Oohhh!).

3:59 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

It just seems weird that anyone could know who McCain even is...and not identify him with "the surge" or as Bush's butt-boy. But as Arianna Huffington has repeatedly pointed out, McCain gets all kinds of special treatment from the media...which tends to help one's public image.

8:00 PM  

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