Friday, March 21, 2008

Paying Attention in the Toll Booths of Politics

So, Geraldine Ferraro sez that we are only paying attention to Barack Obama because he's black. And of course we are only paying attention to Geraldine Ferraro because she's a woman, and b/c she looks like a lesbian. And we are only not paying attention to TXB because he is an obese whack-job with an axe to grind (actually, I ground down the axe to nothing long now I'm sharpening the handle). And Barrack Obama's preacher sez, "God DAMN America!" which may actually be logical in some fashion but mostly sounds like merely one of a plethora of insane things said by preachers all across this grand US of A on any given Sunday, but if yer a black out! As GF sez, we are paying close attention to you, brother. As for the dude who sez homosexuals are gonna burn in hell...him, we give a pass.


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