Friday, June 20, 2008

Flower (the meerkat) R.I.P.

So to keep our tradition of respect for the dead (even if we never cared for them) and also because Tim might be amused... I have noticed that Flower (the meerkat) and Lupe have suffered from similar tragedies. Lupe has suffered all of the tragedies of the american male (divorce, time-share, and sports car) while Flower has suffered from all of the tragedies of the african meerkat (cobra, banishment, and starvation). Also, all of the guys think that Lupe is cute when he stands on his feet.

Or maybe not...


Blogger TXB said...

Yeah, all those other blogs can celebrate their beloved dead. We should only comment on those we despised, were indifferent to, or perhaps liked in only the most noncommittal way. So, Mister Death...keep it coming with the addicts, mediocre talk show hosts, alligator hunters, and meerkats. We will pause here and ponder when they die...before drifting back to the inevitable forgetting. All the dead, after all, are blessed, and could give a shit about our ramblings.

12:25 PM  
Blogger dan said...

Dead stand-up comedian, dead rock/blues musician Bo Diddley, dead mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, dead French fashion designer Yves St.Laurant, dead founder of Transcendental Meditation Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
dead former member of Rush John Rutsey. Death, carnage and the complete destruction of the body and soul. Gotta love it.
That's just in the first half of 2008. There is a half year to go.
Bring it on !!!!!!

7:36 PM  

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