Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Don't Kill the Messenger

The bit below is from Jonah Goldberg. Prolly not someone anybody on this blog agrees with when it comes to politics. But I saw this, and figured TXB, if no one else, might have an opinion on Goldberg's opinion.

OK, sometimes I troll the conservative blogs, too. So shoot me.

Worst House Ever [Jonah Goldberg]

I thought last night's House was not only bad, but also a terrible sign. Fans of the show have long noted that the title of the series is House M.D., not Cuddy, Hospital Administrator. And yet last night we were treated to a thoroughly dull "day in the life" story of a bring-home-the-bacon-fry-it-up-in-the-pan supermom. The real problem here isn't that it was a bad episode, it's that it suggests the ensemble actors want their chance to shine. I certainly understand the temptation. But it is one that should generally be resisted. This sort of thing ruined M*A*S*H. In the later seasons, everyone would get a turn as the star of a specific episode as if there was a huge demand for more Father Mulcahy storylines. (If they listened to me, they would have made him a kickboxer!). It's also one of the things that made the later seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation so sucky.

Producer: "Gates McFadden wants to showcase her talents."

Writer: "Okay let's make Dr. Beverly Crusher the host of a conference on solar science that'll be fascinatingzzzzzzzzzzzzz," splunk head smashes the keyboard.

Getting back to House, I have no problem with giving the supporting actors more room to grow. But TV shows do not exist for the benefit of the actors. They exist for the benfit of me — and, yes, other viewers too. If they're going to focus on what makes Cuddy tick, they could at least have her explain why she dresses like she works for a super-classy escort service.


Blogger TXB said...

While I do loathe Jonah Goldberg, he's right about this. The Cuddy-centric episode wuz okay, but I don't want to see a trend on "House" of doing throwing the spotlight on a different character each week. Greg House is why we watch, and without him the show would prolly be "Grey's Anatomy"- type dogshit.

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