Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5 Years...5 Followers!

Damn...the 5th anniversary of Gibblers hath come and gone and I didn't even notice till today (November 16th, 2006, wuz our first entry). And what have we learned lo these many (five) years? Precious little, I reckon. We've mourned the death of a few famous peeps that weren't worth mourning. We've said sum shit about politics. We've listed movies we like, movies we don't like, strip clubs we like, strip clubs we don't like, etc. We've met a strange gentleman named Mr. Cogito and heard tales of Gerry and his fabled quest to work at Walmart and kill people. I don't think he has actually killed anyone yet, but we'll keep you posted when the dream is realized. Most people don't know this, but we actually won an award for our expose on that deadly phenomenon known as "Walmart Cribdeath." But we don't do it for the awards...or the recognition...or the readers. We do it for the same reason that that dude in King of Kong went for the high score on Donkey Kong: cuz it makes as little (or as much) sense as anything else we could do before death turns us all into celebrities not worth mourning.


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