Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Suffer the Little Children...

Here's a riddle: what group of folks loves to stalk little kids and exploit the shit out of them whenever an opening presents itself? Ans.: pedophiles? Sure. But don't forget the media! Jesus Christ, can we get over this fucking "Missouri Miracle" bullshit and stop plastering Ben Ownby and that Shawn kid all over ever goddamn national and local newscast every single night? The fucking kids are safe. Shut the fuck up now, media whores. Oh, and families of exploited children: you are complete morons to go on Oprah or "The Today Show" and let your formerly kidnapped kid get picked at by these vultures. Maybe yer trying to attract the attention of an up-and-coming new pedophile? Or just screw your kid's mind up? Keep it up, hayseeds. You'll get that movie-of-the-week money, yet.


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