Monday, January 29, 2007

TXB Returns to the Theaters!

My soon-to-be-colleague Richard Roeper said on his show Sunday that he hates it when critics claim that a particular year in movies sucked. Sorry, Roep-a-dope, but 2006 did suck. It sucked so bad that I only saw 40 movies total, and a lot of them were DVD rentals. What...I'm supposed to rush to the theater the first weekend to see Silent Hill or The Wicker Man? Not bloody likely. However, be it rational or not, I have some hope that this year will be better. So, armed with my 2007 Wehrenberg Movie Cup and blind faith in the T.V. trailers, I went and saw Smokin' Aces Saturday night. And...well... totally could have waited for DVD. Still, Alicia Keys wuz hot. And Jason Bateman had two minutes of cameo funny. And Ben Affleck got killed early on in a completely random way. And lots of meaningless violence filled the fifth act of the film. So it weren't all bad...


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Blogger dan said...

Intuder Alert ! Intruder Alert !
Well Ok, really it isn't, since this forum is open to anyone on earth who logs into blogosphere.

I went to see Night At The Museum over the weekend. It is much like the Field Museum here. That's how I connected with this fancy kids movie. I Would like Roeper's counterpart to comment on such.

6:19 PM  

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