Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What? Scorsese's gonna lose again?

Well, the Oscar noms were announced this morning. They are announced in La La Land, at like 6 am PST. Judging from this pic, Salma Hayek, who usually can't look bad if she tried, looks like she didn't get much sleep.

But to counter the cultural elite's list of noms, here's Tim's top 10. (Not that Tim ISN'T culturally elite.)
1. "X-Men: The Last Stand" - Unlike most trilogies (yes, you, "Lord of the Rings"), "X-Men" saved the best for last. And somehow Kelsey Grammer is cool again.
2. "V for Vendetta" - Second most awesome film based on a comic book last year. Also, perhaps a centerpiece in my next pop culture essay: "The Terrorist As Hero."
3. "Running Scared" - It doesn't have much Tarantinoesque dialogue, but someone finally made a worthy successor to "Pulp Fiction."
4. "Clerks II" - And Kevin Smith made a worthy successor to "Clerks"...with a donkey show!
5. "Underworld: Evolution" - Perhaps I'm not using the phrase "worthy successor" correctly. Can it refer to films or just people? Oh well...Len Wiseman made a worthy successor to the first "Underworld" film, but "Underworld: Intelligent Design" would have made a better title.
6. "Ultraviolet" - Like #5, this another solid entry in the "hot chicks kicking" film genre.
7. "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" - The fourth sequel on the list and the third "II" film (if that makes any sense). This film and UE were too cool to use the "II" like "Clerks" did, tho'. Kevin Smith should have just stuck with "The Passion of the Clerks."
8. "Hard Candy" - Here's yer art house entry. A fucked up fairy tale if there ever wuz one.
9. "Why We Fight" - Here's yer documentary...and yer evidence that America, despite the goodwill and decency of many of its citizens, is an evil empire.
10. "The Hills Have Eyes" - Going down in history as "The Film That Knocked 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' Off the List." I thought Gary wuz off his nut, and he prolly still is when it comes to "The Devil Wears Prada." But not so with this film...


Blogger TXB said...

Best line from "X-Men: The Last Stand"...(the "cure" refers to a government-designed drug that can take away mutant abilities):

Mutant Theatre Organizer: This cure is voluntary. Nobody's talking about extermination.

Eric Lensherr (AKA "Magneto"): No one ever talks about it. They just do it.

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