Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TXB Cuts and Runs From His War With Brush

I know I've said this once before, but I am really going to try and fulfill the vow this time: this is my last rant on Brush.

I feel like The Dude in "Lebowski" when I watch the cable news to which I am weirdly addicted: everyone's going on and on endlessly about Iraq and/or Iran and the neverending failures of Brush et al., just like Walter always yammers on about Vietnam--and, of course, none have yammered more fervently and feverishly than Yers Trooly in the last three or four years--but now I just wanna say what The Dude sez: "Walter...what's the fucking point?!"

As I see it, there is just no stopping Brush until his term ends. If you think the treasonous, cowardly, and in come cases outright evil Republicans and Democrats in power are ever going to clear the Brush, you are a poor deluded soul indeed. Either that, or you're just not paying attention.

To review: any CEO or other Captain of Industry would have been flat fuck fired for just one or two of the multitude of sins and fuckups that Brush has presided over. And this Building 18 bullshit at Walter Reed Hospital...look, I'm not even gonna pretend to care about our brave little soldiers anymore. My heart has become so black over the war and over the impotence and/or scumfuckedness of our politicians that, to me, if the rank and file soldiers aren't refusing to fight in Iraq--if they aren't standing up and saying, "Enough of this bullshit. We are not dying or getting maimed for a half retarded lunatic!"--well, then, I don't know what to do with them, and I say fuck'em.

But even an uncaring bastard like myself must still marvel at how disposable our nation's heroes are. For, you see, reality has once again been upended by Brush. It's like some completely obscene paradox that this fuckstick has been able to prop himself up over and over again with weak-ass "support the troops" bullshit rhetoric. We are still, in 2007, living in a bizarro world that follows no known rules of logic...where a mendacious tool that everyone knows damn good and well is a mendacious tool can still claim--without getting laughed out of the room or shot, mind you--that he is supporting the troops even as he tosses them day after day into the most meaningless of existential meat grinders.

And here's where reality really gets fucked in the ass. Not only does Brush toss the soldiers into the meat grinder...but if they happen to survive the meat grinder and need medical attention, the Commander and Chief has done nothing over the last few years to ensure that they won't be treated like total shit. Most likely this is because Fuckhead is so stupid and uninquisitive that he never even knew how horrible his brave little vote-getters were being treated in Building 18. Because when it comes to nearly everything important in the world...Brush has to hear about it from the newspapers...I mean from someone else who read it in the newspapers. Who knows? Maybe he gets his news from well-read hobos who shout it out to him when he gives speeches because--oh yeah, there is one good thing that Brush is good at: raising money for the Republican party by speaking. And again, reality is just fucked, because that's like me being able to make money as an underwear model. But why must Brush hear about anything important or real from the newspapers? Because no one that works for this man apparently ever speaks the truth to him unless it has already been widely publicized by the mainstream media...and thus everyone else BUT the President of the United States knows about it already. Even then, Brush and his crew still feel that they often don't have to admit to the same set of facts that everyone else knows.

So you just can't put it any more plainly: Brush fucks the troops in the ass overseas, and he fucks them in the ass here at home. Is he strung up for his actions? Is there ever even a hint that the series of suits, bad hair, empty rhetoric, and limp dicks that comprise the Democratic party will truly stand up to this maniac to save the country from being utterly destroyed? Not once. Not ever. You know...I wish that hell did exist so that God could send nearly every Democrat currently drawing breath to the level of the inferno where demons cut off your genitals, barbecue them with hellfire, and feed them to you. It would be the perfect punishment for complete assclowns who don't have the balls to speak up with anything resembling bold, not even when a terrorist has taken over the White House and has made them look like the biggest joke in congressional history.

So I quit. I give up. Voting is for idiots. Getting "your guy" elected is for people who just want to pursue a meaningless hobby like the one I have pursued: blogging about Brush...words, words, words, signifying nothing because the worst fuckhole of a president ever will never be impeached...will never be removed from power. Will never be arrested, and will never be executed. All of which would happen, and that right quick, if we still lived in a world that had even the loosest connection with reality.


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