Friday, March 16, 2007

TXB's Spring Break Thoughts

On Spring Break here, but I came into the office today to check my emails and offer a few musings. The war with Brush is over...but the hits just keep on coming in Washington:

Democrats? Here's my thing: vote to cut off funding for the war. Can't get the votes? I don't give a shit. Just put it up for a vote and let's get it on the record who has balls. I wouldn't blame the party if they can't get it passed. I don't expect everyone in the party to vote the same way. But if you can't even get the balls enough to put to a vote the only logical course of action for any sane human being when it comes to Iraq...well, then, choke on your own fried balls in hell for all I care.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe just letting the Republicans drive off that Iraq cliff and kill a bunch more of our brave l'il soldiers is the perfect strategy. If we have 5,000 dead soldiers and a kickass civil war still going in Iraq by the next presidential election: well, then I take back what I said...even Hillary could get elected. Shit...Dennis Kucinich could get elected after announcing that he wuz gonna leave his wife for his gay lover, Flamingo.

Oh, and Jen: the Dems found their subpoena power. Now we have "Da Alberto G., Da A.G. Show." Yes, our Attorney General--friend and fellow-smirker of Brush--sure did have the smirk slapped off his face and the taste slapped out of his mouth this week, didn't he? You know you are one of the most fucked up A.G.s ever when you end up sorta making John Ashcroft look good. This smug bastard cannot be horsewhipped enough for being a punk bitch to the White House during his entire term of service. His one claim to fame will be that he wuz the first gay Mexican to serve as A.G....which means that we will prolly never have a gay Mexican as Attorney General ever again.

Speaking of which: General Peter Pace, who went on the record saying that homosexuality is immoral, can choke on a piece of his own peter. Man, you gotta love assholes who get innocent civilians and our brave l'il soldiers killed and maimed on a daily basis having the balls to call other people's behavior immoral. What's next? Hannibal Lecter writes a "Book of Virtues"?


Blogger Rick said...

Welcome back Timmy. Indeed, you can never bash Bush again, and still have reams o' material...
Omigod...Dems on the gay thing! Oh-my-gosh! Both Hil and Obie ducked, and later had their offices release a statement that no, they don't think being gay is immoral. Clearly they don't want to say it themselves. Yikes...And, here's my deal: being gay isn't immoral. Even if you, you know, hate homos, or your religion says it's a no-no, well, just bein' gay isn't immoral or moral. If you wanna say that schtupping every other dude in the West Village is kinda bad, ok. Or that some actions are immoral. But, huh? Gayness is immoral? So, at the very least Hil and Obie could've said along those lines. And, of course, they could've done the normal thing and said being gay is not an evil status. Yikes alive!

12:28 PM  
Blogger huntress said...

For the most part, I'm disappointed w/ the Dems. They haven't really done shit, so I'm hoping they find a way to hold the admin's feet to the fire on this AG b.s.

I'm also VERY disappointed in Obama - he's my political boyfriend and I expect more from him. I love the gays and I expect him to love the gays too! I'd hate to have to break up w/ him over this. Pace can think it's immoral all he wants - great, so don't be gay. Leave the rest of the world alone.

I don't care what Hil has to say any more. She's off my list completely.

My new favorite site for all things political is Ya'll should check it out! Good stuff.

5:19 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

Well, this is where God would be bad--or His followers, anyway. Cuz there is no logical reason for saying that homosexuality is immoral. But if God sez so, and if most of the nation believes in God, then suddenly you have a clean and articulate guy like Obama who suddenly becomes a little less articulate (though still perfectly clean). Again, I hate to keep saying it the Stephen Cobert way to these Dems...but have some fucking balls, people!

10:31 AM  

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