Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Gospel of Mathews

And I too wanna post a vid from MSNBC. I wuz watching this last night, and when Chris M. went off, I kinda thought, "Hmmm....must be just a normal Mathews occurrence." But, our friends at thought it worthy of highlighting. I like how Chris at one point kind of scratches his head, messing up his hair a bit, and getting a "harumph" look on his face.
The other interesting thing about his rant is that it's kind of nonpartisan. He's not saying Rudy has this or that bad policy. More about how folks just say stuff, and we as viewers scream at the tv, to the journalist, "Hey, mo-fo, ask the followup! Ask the followup!"
Anyway, it's good. And funny how Biden looks better than he did 15 years ago. I guess it's a Rogain deal or something. Or new, whiter teeth. God love him.



Blogger TXB said...

C.M. is halfway watchable these days, tho' he apparently did not read my blog on fuck. He actually said that Cheney once told some dude to "F-bomb himself." Look, dude, just say he said, "Go bleep yourself" like we used to say. Stop saying "F-bomb," you fuck!

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