Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Note to Tom Brokaw: Blow Me

Perhaps I'll eventually get around to instructing all current, former, and future nightly news anchors to blow me. Brokeback Brokaw can blow me because he defended the mainstream media's initial cheerleading of the war in Iraq. TODAY, he did this. How many more dead kids is it gonna take for you to feel bad, asshole? Anyway, the weakass line from Broke took place on the three-hour morning travesty some call a "show" which hath replaced Don Imus on MSNBC. Tommy Boy mostly gave host-o'-the-week Joe Scarborough the "How could we have known?" defense. And, of course, like all good self-deluders in the media on this matter, T.B. had to follow that with the "Colostomy Bag" Powell defense. If Colon Powell said it were true, after all, who wouldn't believe that? This...THIS...after he admitted that C.P.'s prezentation at the U.N. was "thin." So, a guy talks shit and you know he's talking shit, but because he's seemed like a man of integrity in the past, you go along with his bullshit? This is your fucking journalistic practice, Brokaw? You just go with your gut and don't even make phone calls to run down any of the facts? No, of course you don't. You have served and will continue to serve your corporate masters--the types that don't exactly cotton to independent jouranlists when the country has a hard-on to kick some A-rab ass. Fuck you, Brokaw, and your "Greatest Generation" bullshit. And learn how to fucking talk right. How long have you had microphones in front of you?

The only former nightly news anchor that I prolly won't be instructing to blow me is Dan Rather. He wuz just as big a cheerleader during the run-up to the war as anyone else, but at least these days he comes clean and sez, "We fucked up." He must have criticized the MSM three times during his appearance on Bill Maher's show several weeks back, and each time he said that shit, he added, "...and I don't exempt myself from this criticism." Yep, that tears it...Dan Rather is a stud again.


Blogger Carroll Gardens said...

Dan Rather was always my preferred evening news anchor back in the day, although I do remember fondly Peter Jennings and his Saturday morning specials. Two were about the Gulf War, when he reassured us kids that a scud missle couldn't reach the United States, and the other was about the Clarence Thomas hearings. "You're going to hear some adults using adult language," he said.

9:33 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

"And yer gonna hear about some shit that even most adults couldn't have come up with: like pubic hair and Coke."

7:54 AM  

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