Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shut the Fuck Up, Newscasters

So John McCain said "fuck" to some fellow fuck (politician) recently. It's bad enough that all the newscasters must talk in baby talk and say stuff like "F-word," "N-word," etc. But now we have the highly annoying and universal practice of saying "dropped the F-bomb" instead of saying, "fuck." So McCain didn't say "Go fuck yourself" to his fellow fuck...he "dropped the F-bomb." We get no context with that shit. Maybe McCain said that he wanted to fuck the guy later in his fuck-pad while eating sushi off his ass. We'll never know because the fucking newscasters refuse to do their jobs and report exact quotes. And I'll bet they think they're cool, using a phrase like "dropped the F-bomb." Meanwhile...actual bombs are still going off in Iraq, and fuckhole McCain still supports that bullshit because he has no fucking integrity.


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