Sunday, December 09, 2007

Laugh it up, asshole

Okay, so some political P.R. shitheel has obviously done some research and found out that a significant portion of the population (or maybe just conservatives) will admire the Scandal Freak and hate the man or woman who asks questions of the Scandal Freak...if, that is, the SF can show the appropriate level of disdain for the questions being asked. How best to show disdain? Oh yeah: laugh your fucking fool head off every time a question about some past impropriety or failure is raised. On "Meet the Press," Tim "Potatoes" Russert axed Rudy three or four scandal-scented questions in a row, the first of which involved Rudy's law firm getting some big $$$ in some roundabout way from everyone's favorite dictator, Hugo Chavez. Now, apparently, this was the funniest goddamn thing that Rudy had ever heard in his life, because he guffawed like a hyena...and he just kept laughing harder and harder as each new scandal-question flew from TPR's mouth. I seriously wuz just waiting for him to say, "Timmy, please! You're killing me. My sides ache. I haven't laughed this hard since that tranny hooker went down on me in a limo and lost her dentures halfway thru the BJ!"

Anyway, Mister Political P.R. Shitheel, wherever you may's a note for your suggestion box: when your candidates do this little laugh and dance and don't address scandals or failures seriously and honestly, they look just like the clownshoes fuckwit who has run this country into the ground for seven agonizing years. So...if you want to make us think of the Brush-meister when we think of Rudy or Hillary, then just keep them laughing contemptuously at the few meager challenges the mainstream press puts to them. No really, keep it up: maybe they'll implode in their hollow laughter, and guys like Ron Paul will get more traction. He doesn't laugh a lot, you see, because he realizes just how fucked this nation is.
Anyhoo...make up yer own caption for the following. I'd imagine that the old lady just said something like, "My son's ashes are still at Ground Zero or in a landfill because you cut the recovery effort short once the gold and silver had been found."


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