Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tolstoy's R Us

I'm reading War and Peace. Did I mention that yet? Huh? Y'all knew that? (If I'm reading this bad boy, I'm sure as hell gonna tell all yo azzez about it. Gonna get all the credit for it as I can.)
It's really great. Those nineteenth century novels can be, well, a bit laborious. But this is quite the page-turner.
Nothing more clever beyond that. Sorry.


Blogger TXB said...

Tolstoy wrote a page-turner? I hope to dear God that yer not claiming that "Anna Karenina" is also a page-turner. Otherwise, I'm gonna have to assume that yer just turing the pages without reading them...because you'd be in a coma by now otherwise! Now that I think of it, there should be a book called "The Page Turner." Is it a book about a really exciting read or the story of a man who turns sheets of music for a famous composer? You decide!

7:02 PM  
Blogger huntress said...

Good luck there, Rick. I'm working on "For the Time Being" by Annie Dillard. I think I'm on the winning end of this one! "War and Peace?" Really? WHY!?

2:05 PM  

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