Monday, January 28, 2008

Gotta Go "O"

Well, they called it this way on one of the political morning shows: it's a two-person race on the Republican side--McCain and Romney--and a two-person race on the Democratic side--Obama and Clinton. So, basically we have one human being (the Mighty O) and three total scumfucks. Hillary...I'm sorry all you good liberals, but to vote for her you'd have to sell a little sliver of yer soul. After the racist innuendo Slick Fuck Wet Willie has been slingin', Hillary is dirtier than one of Bilbo's bagged-and-tagged-tramps. Really, the Billary duo are absolute sick pieces of shit that are nearly as reprehensible as Brush in so many ways, and the only reason people forgive them all of that is because they can make the trains run on time and govern at least competently. As for McCain...anyone who votes for him should just start rubbing their own feces on their face and believing that they can win at "American Idol," because only the truly demented and deluded among us would vote for such an obviously crazy old codger. Really, America? You think the off-his-rocker-nut dude should control the nukes? Hell, let's just elect Charlie Manson and get on the fast track to World War III. Or, y'know, let's just hang out in Iraq for another 100 years like Grandpappy McCain wants, so that the Cyberdine Model 1000 of John McCain can one day show his great-great-grandkids what a lovely fucking parking lot we will have built over there. Finally, Romney...again: really, America? I thought half of you were crazy fucks for voting for Brush after realizing what a raging flip-flopper John Kerry wuz. But at least I agreed that the flip-flopper label fit J.K. to a tee. But when it comes to flipflopping away, ol' Mitt makes Kerry look like the picture of absolute conviction and certainty. So, folks, let's admit it...Obama is the only sane choice in all this, and we just have to hope that L'ill Bill decides to make a play for some campaign worker with a vagina right soon...or hope that the American people see Hillary for the completely unelectable fraud that she is.


Blogger Rick said...

Oy! Yup, more and more, it's clear that Dan Ho's state-mate, the junior senator from Illinois, is the best bet. And here's why it's important. 'Cause there's two, maybe three, old lib bastards on the Supreme Court who've been waiting...waiting since that Dec. day in Florida eight years ago for the time they can retire with a Dem in the White House.
So, for the sake of John Paul Stevens, who just wants to put on a diaper and watch Oprah, and Ruthie Ginsberg, who, well, wants to do the same thing ('cept she likes Sally Jessy Raphael)--for their sake, let's puh-leeze nomination O.

6:35 PM  
Blogger dan said...

Let us not forget, Hillary is also
an Illinois state-mate. She's from
Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago.

But, Hillary is out.Lincoln is out. Time to change the license plates in this state. This is the Land of Obama.

4:04 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

And will someone please start putting old talk shows on DVD so that RBG doesn't have to keep re-watching those old crappy VHS tapes she has of SJR?

1:33 PM  

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