Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mo' Student Quotes

First, a word about our sponsor: Celebrex. Anyone hear the ads for that shit on T.V.? They are apparently legally obligated to warn you not once, but twice, that one of the side effects of the drug might be death. The implication of the ad seems to be that some people get arthritis so bad that, if the pain can't be alleviated, the arthritis sufferer just wants to die. And Celebrex is like, "We'll help you one way of the other." Anyway, on with our show...

Student Quotes:

"She's a sweet old lady who's not afraid to get her hands dirty."

"Walking through the boulevards, the smell of steak will hit you like a warm slice of heaven in your mouth and nose" (TXB Commentary: damn, that is one aggressive smell! Hopefully, someone will press charges for assault)

"The board hit the shark with such veracity that it made a loud thump" (TXB Commentary: well, you know how loud veracity can get)


Blogger dan said...

According to,
VERACITY means the truth or the habitual observance of truth in speech or statement. It is a noun.
Your student incorrectly used the word both in meaning and context.

This offense, the misuse of a word in a college level english class, requires 25 lashings and a long papercut to the students forehead with the offending paper.

The Iraqi High Tibunal

2:41 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

Or, someone could just beat him over the head with sum veracity...

4:39 PM  

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