Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Mirror Has Two Faces...And So Does the Freak Baby From India

I'd make fun of the freak baby (pictured above, middle) but if she really is the reincarnation of some badass Hindu goddess, then I must abstain. The Lord God Tim Boehme doth not diss other gods...esp. the badass ones. I like how the dad in the story sez that freak baby is "like any other child." Aside from the second face, right? Guess she won't ever have to worry about "saving face," eh? She's already got an extra one stored up! Bah-da-dum. I'm here all week, folks. But seriously, when this girl grows up, she better be a straight shooter...or she'll be accused of being four-faced. Talk about facing adversity. If she runs a company some day, she'll have to have face-to-face-to-other-face meetings with her employees. Oh, shit. I'm making fun of freak baby like I totally said I wouldn't. Durga's gonna fuck my shit up. Anyway, I just thank God that Lali wuzn't born in America during the 70's. The two face thing would have been the least of her problems as schoolyard bullies sang over and over that song, "Lali, Lali, Lali, get your adverbs here." Not that it carries any negative connotations. It's a good song for about the first 231 times you hear the chorus. After have to go on suicide watch.


Blogger dan said...

Let's face it, this is a real and serious medical abnormality freaky. This(ese) girl(s)has to face a lifetime of teasing and snied remarks just because of this condition. So please, put on your best face and try not to make fun.

4:23 PM  

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