Friday, June 20, 2008

Kill Screen Engage

I'm late to this bandwagon (surely, among our number, Johnny must have been the first to jump on), but I join all the critics in highly recommending The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. However, after consulting with noted philosophers Chris Huth and Scotty "Shundela Basundai" Skyler, I believe that I can offer a fresh commentary on the pursuit (dramatized in the documentary) to become the Donkey Kong champ: (cue movie trailer voiceover guy) in a world where meaning is completely invented and not at all inherent to human existence, getting the high score on Donkey Kong has as much (and as little) value as any action we have taken or will take. Scoff not at the Donkey Kong warriors, lest ye become the rock, dude. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT...the film reveals that, when you reach the end of Donkey Kong, you are allowed to enter one last level, which the Donkey Kong scholars call "the kill screen." The beauty of the kill screen is that you are only allowed to progress a relatively short distance, and then you die for absolutely no reason at all. Donkey Kong is fucking life, kiddies.


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