Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crazy About The Crazies

Sheriff Bullock's gonna have to kill-haul him some zombiefied folk! Timmy Olyphant is also playing a sheriff in sum new upcoming F/X show called Justified. Some dudes just look like sheriffs, I guess. Dudes who can pull off the 'stache, presumably. I had a mustache once and it made me look like a cop, too...but more like the burned out homicide detective with a bum knee who has been demoted to desk duty.

And that weirdly particular description makes me think of one I thought up last night, bowling against this team with sum young punk who seemed like a total douchebag. Here's what I came up with: He walked with the swagger of a total douchebag who somehow had ended up with a girlfriend who was much hotter than he deserved.


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