Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break Break

Gotta take a break from Spring Break...cuz I'm grading like a motherfucker. Sure, it's fun at times...when you get to read an essay about a man dealing with "importence." Take all the Viagra you want, pal, but it ain't gonna cure ya of importence. In other news, Dan Ho is supposedly coming to town. I saw a funny title at the porn store t'other day that had "Ho" in it, but I forget the rest. My fave recent porn title based on a movie title is Battle of the Thai Teens. Lessee that in 3-D. Also, while I'm grading I sometimes leave on stupid shit like The View for background noise. The fuck?! Could those hos say anything more about that Rielle Hunter broad? Look, we Americans seem constitutionally bound to care, for whatever reason, about whoever got clawed by Tiger's penis...but John Edwards' ho? Really? We have to give a shit about that? About something involving a skeeze that isn't even in politics anymore...and the skeezette he fucked...and the baby skeeze that came forth from those fatal loins? Nawsir. In other newz, Kurt Vonnegut's unpublished short fiction wuz formerly unpublished for a reason...not horrible, but nothing all that revelatory. Also, I hear tell that MTV banned the new Lady Gaga video cuz it wuz too controversial...which of course means that the video, incoherent and silly as it is, comes close to being art...and that just don't fit with MTV's current schedule of incoherent and silly horseshit.


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too much tv, txb, too much tv.

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